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"To reinforce the experience of old-school gaming"

Memblock entertainment is an indie games development company founded in late 2011.

"While todays games are fun to play, I miss the core game concepts from the games I played when I was a teenager. Take the Doom series for example: One of the core mechanics was that you must go from start to finish, and the challenge between would be shooting demons, finding keycards and then you're done. Simple but fun!

That is what I want to see more of in games. There are several features/mechanics in todays games that are good too, but these two eras could be 'mixed' to make out great games!
One important aspect of designing the gaming experience is the platform of choice. In the era, the obvious choice was desktop computers and/or consoles. To reinforce the experience that is also the choice I make"




Rikard Edenborg, programmer

He started programming at the age of twelve, since then coding has been a big passion. At this time most of his games were text, and choice based made with basic and never were officialy released.

His big passion for computers and programming has helped him a lot in his self education by reading books, trial and errors.

On top of that he has an education in PC/network technology and general programming.
The everlasting dream of making games became a reality when he was told about fps creator (now GameGuru) from a friend around 2006.